Подборка посвящается всем тем, кто таки дождался жары этим летом

20. What a subtle way to send a message…

19. When it’s just a little too cold to wear nothing at all:


18. With a DIY swimming pool, the crucial element for success is the DIY drink.

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17. Cookies: “We’re baking in here!”

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16. And it was love at first sight!

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15. Don’t want to leave your room with AC? Just bring it with you!

14. Human creativity knows no shape.

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13. You know it’s scorching hot outside if your mom takes the oven mitts with her…

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12. Hiking? I’ll bring my AC!

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11. A professional right there!

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10. Finally! The proper use of a tractor has been found.

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9. Siesta time, amigos!

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8. A whole queue of shady people

7. No shade? Create it!


6. You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh!

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5. Good old Marilyn is always there for you. Well, at least her dress is!

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4. Crashing on the couch…which crashed onto the beach?


3. When you ask your husband to warm up the car:

2. When keeping it wool goes wrong…

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1. The best Pimp My Ride idea!